Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter Roasts Her Goop Vagina Products On TikTok

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Apr 2021 11:53
Gwyneth Paltrow's Daughter Roasts Her Goop Vagina Products On TikTokgwynethpaltrow/Instagram/Goop/TikTok

Every child teases their mum every now and again, but Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter didn’t hold back as she shared brutal opinions of her mum’s products with millions of viewers on TikTok. 

Paltrow’s Goop brand is known for controversial and questionable creations, such as the $75 ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’ candle, so 16-year-old Apple Martin had a lot to work with when she was given the chance to share her opinions on Goop’s official TikTok page.


The video, captioned ‘When you get roasted by your gen z daughter’, showed Paltrow working her way through her morning routine while Apple narrated the scene.

Check it out below:

@goopWhen you get roasted by your gen z daughter… ##motherdaughter ##goop ##fyp ##gwynethpaltrow♬ original sound – Goop


The teen started off by detailing her mum’s food and drink of choice, explaining that Paltrow ‘drinks her Goop Glow Superpowder and she eats nothing except for dates and almond butter, so she will have that’.

Apple described the Goop Glow as ‘part of her cleanse’, and poked fun at her mum’s healthy habits as she said she’s been on the cleanse since ‘the day I was born, apparently’.

Between the hours of 7am and 8am Paltrow apparently spends her time ‘pranc[ing] around the bathroom putting on her millions of Goop Glow products for her glowing skin’, before she finally sits down at her laptop.


Given the topic at hand, Apple of course had to make reference to the abundance of vagina-related products that Goop has to offer, explaining that her mum gets to work ‘making some more vagina eggs, and candles… also vagina candles, and vagina perfumes and just everything vagina’.

With breakfast consumed, skincare products applied and vagina products in the making, Apple rounded off her video, saying, ‘so yeah, that’s my mum’s morning routine’.

The video came as part of the launch of Goop’s newest product, Goopglow Glow Lotion, which dropped yesterday. Paltrow celebrated the release by posing alongside her daughter in a picture shared on Instagram, captioned, ‘Exciting new product launch today featuring one of the absolute loves of my life.’

Gwyneth Paltrow/InstagramGwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

Offering a unique insight into Paltrow’s life, the video has racked up more than one million views, likely from a mixture of Goop fans and viewers who were simply curious to see how the morning routine may inspire her to come up with new and unusual products.

It may also offer inspiration for those who want to be more like Paltrow; so if you want to achieve her ‘glowing skin’ and work ethic, surround yourself with a few vagina scented candles, throw on ‘millions’ of Goop Glow products and get to work.

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