Hailey Baldwin Says Parents Told Her ‘Absolutely Not’ When Justin Bieber Asked Her Out

by : Emily Brown on : 24 May 2020 14:55
Hailey Baldwin Says Parents Told Her 'Absolutely Not' When Justin Bieber Asked Her OutHailey Baldwin Says Parents Told Her 'Absolutely Not' When Justin Bieber Asked Her Outhaileybieber/Instagram/PA

Hailey Baldwin has revealed her parents were very disapproving when her husband Justin Bieber first asked her out. 

The 23-year-old model opened up about the start of her and Justin’s relationship during the latest episode of the couple’s Facebook Watch series, The Biebers on Watch.

The pair got married in 2018, but first started dating years earlier, when Hailey was just 17 years old.


She and Justin were both in New York when the pop star asked her if she wanted to go on a date and get sushi with him, but before agreeing she decided to run the idea past her parents, actor and producer Stephen Baldwin and graphic designer Kennya Baldwin.

Hailey recalled how her parents were far from keen on the idea, saying:

I called my parents to ask them if I could go and they said no. They were like ‘Absolutely not, you’re not going to hang out with Justin by yourself, that’s not happening.’


Teens will be teens, though, and despite her parents’ reaction Hailey decided to go on the date, having cooked up a cover story with her older sister, Alaia.

She continued:

My older sister kind of covered for me and was like, ‘Oh yeah, she’s gonna sleep over at my apartment and it’s all good.’

She covered for me and we went to dinner and didn’t get caught.


After having sushi, Justin and Hailey ‘went back to watch a movie’ and were ‘just hanging’ when they kissed for the first time.

Given the fact they’re now married, it’s safe to say the date went fairly well, though it’s unclear whether Hailey’s parents ever found out about their daughter’s sneaky actions before now.

Hailey and Justin had been friends prior to dating, and though they did break up at one point they ultimately rekindled their relationship and tied the knot in a secret courthouse ceremony in New York in 2018.


As well as discussing their first date, the couple looked back to when they knew they were in love with one another, though Hailey admitted she couldn’t recall the moment she first thought Justin was ‘the one’.

Justin commented:

I think just time, being around each other… I just started realising more and more qualities I liked about you and more things that were just so endearing. I think I said, ‘I think I’m falling in love with you.’


Hailey wasn’t quite so open, as she explained:

I also think that I was really stubborn. I would never admit to his face that I was in love with him until it was obvious.

While Hailey’s parents might not have approved of the first date, at least it all worked out in the end.

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