Harvey Price Sent Shocking Threat In Dark £50,000 Blackmail Plot

by : UNILAD on : 10 Oct 2017 18:46

Katie Price was forced to call the police last night after her son Harvey was targeted in a shocking £50,000 blackmail plot.


The TV personality received an anonymous email warning her that Harvey’s face would be ‘smashed in’ unless she paid the amount in cash.

The blackmailer also threatened to release details to the public of an affair they claimed her husband Kieran Hayler was having with a friend.


Demanding that the money be delivered to an address in Romford, East London, police are now investigating the matter which is being taking ‘extremely seriously’.


The email, which was sent to Katie’s management company, also demanded that a designer Armani dress be sent along with the money.

The mum of five cancelled a gig in Manchester in order to deal with the matter.

She tweeted:

Unfortunately I have been left with no choice than to postpone my show in Manchester this evening due to an urgent family matter involving the police and one of my children.

For all my fans and for everyone that has bought tickets to tonight’s show I am sorry to let you down last minute. This is something out of my control.

Please contact the box office for more information.

Concerned fans tweeted Katie messages of support with the reason for the cancellation being unknown at the time.

Katie told The Sun:


I’m terrified. This is clearly a blackmail threat, and I need to be at home with my family.

A source close to Katie added:

This is all the more horrifying for Katie because she has experienced threats against her children before.

On three separate occasions she has had to get the police involved.

The thought of anyone harming the kids sickens her to the core, and until the police have caught the perpetrator, she feels she just can’t leave them.

Katie is really shaken by this and is hoping against hope that the police catch this person as soon as possible.

She knows they will be living in fear until they do.

The former glamour model known as Jordan took to her Twitter to tell fans that she was on ‘mummy guard’ 24 hours after the incident happened.

She wrote:

In bed can’t sleep my poor little head can’t switch off! I’m on mummy guard too.

When police knocked on the door of the council house at the address given in the blackmail, the woman who answered it denied any knowledge of the threat.

Sussex Police have told Katie to ensure that the family stay together at all times.

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    Terrified Katie Price forced to call in police after her son Harvey was ‘targeted in a £50,000 blackmail plot’