Here’s Why Cristiano Ronaldo Split Up With His Girlfriend

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People with a keen interest in other people’s business may be fascinated to know that it’s finally been revealed why Cristiano Ronaldo broke up with rumoured girlfriend Desire Cordero.

Apparently the Real Madrid star was frustrated with Ms Cordero’s fame hungry attitude, or at least that’s the claim of the Portuguese news website Flash Vidas.

According to people better informed and more interested in the love lives of people they don’t know than I, Ronaldo and the former Miss Spain allegedly began dating back in September.

Unfortunately Ronaldo ended the relationship this Halloween because he believes she only wanted to use their relationship to get more fame and ‘grow’ as a model.

The Daily Star reports that things have, rather expectedly, become frosty between the pair and they apparently avoided each other while attending a party in Madrid.

Ronaldo has always been notoriously private keeping the identity of his son’s mother a secret, never revealing it in public although several other news groups have claimed to have found the woman.

The football ace has been linked to a number of women over the years including the models Karina Ferro and Gemma Atinkson.

I’m sure there’s plenty more fish in the sea for Mr Ronaldo.