Holly Willoughby Shocked As Woman With Biggest Breasts In World Wants To Go Bigger

This Morning/ITV

This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are used to interviewing astonishing people from around the world.

Hearing fascinating stories and meeting incredible personalities, you would think it would be hard to shock the duo but that is exactly what Dolly, Mary and Lily did.

The three women appeared on the popular daytime show to speak about their breast augmentation surgeries taking part in a debate over whether bigger is indeed better.

This Morning/ITV

Both Dolly and Mary appeared on the sofa in the studio while Lily joined live from Seattle via video link.

First chatting to model Dolly about her supersize 34M breasts, Holly admitted she was struggling to not look down saying she ‘didn’t want to be rude’.

As the guests giggled, Phil quipped, ‘How do you imagine I feel?’ causing more laughter.

You can watch the interview here:

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Reassuring the pair it is fine to have a glance, Dolly said:

I like people looking, I like the attention.

I was never happy ‘cos they were small – I was C cup…

I am obsessed with big breasts, I love how they look, I like the attention that they get. Even though they are not real! I love it, I’m very happy, I have no pain because I love big boobs.

Dolly’s boobs are so big she has to have special implants known as ‘expanders’ which means she regularly goes back to her surgeon who gradually increases the size.

This Morning/ITV

Personal trainer Mary has an astonishing 3055 cubic centimetres of saline in her breasts which she claims does not cause her any trouble while exercising.

In fact she admits her ‘strength is in her boobs’!

Mary though has nothing on Lily who revealed to Holly and Phil she has 7,340 cubic centimetres in each breast!

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Rather than bother with having bras specially made, Lily admitted she typically doesn’t wear one.

Her breasts are so big in fact her surgeon gradually fills them up via ‘ports’ on the side of her body as her skin allows for the expansion.

Working as a labour and delivery nurse, Lily opened up about how she struggles to be taken seriously as people can be quick to judge:

They can be. They are obviously much larger than average and sometimes they see that first. Well most people do as you can imagine!

In general some people do judge me but when they get to know me, they see past them.

This Morning/ITV

Although her breasts are already huge, Lily has no plans to stop now:

I have never had a goal in mind. I just like the look and I like them bigger. I still haven’t found the level I am happy with yet.

Dolly and Mary also want to go bigger agreeing they hope one day to have breasts like Lily and good luck to them!

If you are planning on undergoing surgery, the trio all emphasised to do your research thoroughly.

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