Holly Willoughby Was An Underwear Model When She Was 18

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Holly Willoughby is the face of daytime, family-friendly television – she warms the hearts of the nation with her loving smile and innocent giggling.


It turns out she wasn’t always the PG sensation she is today though, as a video has been unearthed of her as a lingerie model, back in the 90s.

Posing for lingerie brand Pretty Polly, Holly, wearing only a bra, grabs her chest and shouts ‘don’t squeeze them, lift them’.

Here’s the very 90s advert…


Speaking to MailOnline, Holly said:

When I started, I did a lot of lingerie work but it was for Pretty Polly, which is a very safe brand…

It’s been less than a year since I had my second baby so I would need some time to get in shape, but I would consider it. Having the time to do all these things is the real problem.

Suddenly, I went from reading teen magazines like Just 17, Mizz and More to being on their covers!

She continued:

I landed a lot of magazine work initially and it was all a bit surreal to me. Luckily, I didn’t get any catty comments or sniping from my friends. I’d been at the same school since I was five, so we were all very close.

I modelled for five years, and got a good insight into how the media worked and at that age it was simply a fun job. I knew it wouldn’t last for ever but it helped raise my profile and brought me to the attention of a casting director for CITV

I appreciate it was down to luck that it happened. Modelling is a hard field to break into these days and I’m grateful I never saw the dark side of the industry. It opened a lot of doors for me that I never thought were possible.

Pretty Polly / YouTube

The hilariously dated advert is like a tutorial video on bras and breasts, listing all the different fabrics they come in.

In true 90s fashion, the advert also has a beautiful streak of feminism with the narrator saying the line:

It isn’t a sexual thing, it’s a natural thing.

Pretty Polly / YouTube

Though it immediately comes across as objectifying, Pretty Polly’s maxim is fairly feminist, desexualising the bras and making it all about ‘how it feels’ for the women wearing them.


I’m just pretty impressed at how little she’s aged, she was only 18 in the advert!

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