Jake Paul Joins Looters Trashing Mall During Black Lives Matter Protests

by : Emily Brown on : 31 May 2020 13:59
Jake Paul Joins Looters Trashing Mall During Black Lives Matter ProtestsJake Paul Joins Looters Trashing Mall During Black Lives Matter ProtestsJake Paul/Instagram

Jake Paul has been criticised for appearing at a mall being targeted by looters during Black Lives Matter protests. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer posted a video to his Instagram story believed to be taken at Fashion Square mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, where crowds gathered and began damaging the property.

Paul labelled those who had gathered as ‘f*cking idiots’ and claimed he had been tear gassed. He accused some of the rioters of pointing guns at him and moved away as a firework sparked across the pavement.


See Paul’s video here:

Protests and riots have broken out across the US following the death of George Floyd, but while Floyd’s girlfriend Courtney Ross has said riots would ‘devastate’ her late boyfriend, some members of the public are still acting in violent and damaging ways.

Though Paul dubbed the group ‘idiots’, other footage appears to show him inside the mall, where people were vandalising stores. As a result, many social media users have accused Paul of looting, believing he was taking advantage of the riots and doing damage of his own.


See the footage of Paul in the mall below:

Others have slammed Paul for attending the riots at all, arguing he is using the disturbances for his own gain.

Andrew Blue, who describes himself as a photographer and videographer for Paul, shared a post on Instagram to assure people that Paul wasn’t doing anything illegal when he joined the looters in the mall, but rather they were there to ‘document’ the situation.


He wrote:

Just for clarity, I am a videographer and my job is to document virtually everything. We were strictly documenting the situation and doing our part to use our platform to raise awareness about this horrific event and the overall injustice.

Nobody with us was looting or vandalizing, but it was certainly tragic to see and wile we understand the frustration, we don’t condone or support any behavior like that.

Jake Paul's videographer Andrew Blue defends being among riotersJake Paul's videographer Andrew Blue defends being among riotersAndrew Blue/Instagram

Though Blue insisted they went to the scene in order to ‘raise awareness’, Paul doesn’t appear to have publicly condemned the looters in any way aside from calling them ‘f*cking idiots’.


While he has shown support for Floyd and urged people to donate to the fight for justice, he has not spoken out about why he decided to join those inside the mall.

Many people have condemned Paul for going to the scene and filming the looters, though others have stuck up for him, with one person arguing he was ‘just vlogging the situation… [and] has nothing to do with the sh*t happening there’.


Paul may use the footage taken from the mall for an upcoming YouTube video, though that remains uncertain.

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