Jason Momoa Just Taught His Son To Throw Tomahawk Axes On Target Without Looking

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Jason Momoa just taught his 11-year-old son how to throw tomahawk axes at a target without looking – as only Jason Momoa would do. 

Momoa earns a living by pretending to be other people in films, but I honestly don’t know why there hasn’t been a film about his own life yet.


While my dad’s been encouraging me to learn about mortgages and taxes – which, while important, aren’t all that enticing – Momoa apparently spends his time teaching his children how to be real-life action heroes.

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The actor was evidently born cool and he has the weapons and skills to prove it, as he showed on his Instagram story yesterday, May 10.

Footage filmed at what I can only assume is Momoa’s very own axe-throwing range shows the Aquaman star holding a number of tomahawk axes and throwing them one by one towards a target.


The caption explains he’s teaching his son, 11-year-old Nakoa-Wolf, ‘the ol’ no look huck’, and the video sees him explaining it’s ‘not essential to look’ while throwing an axe.

Jason Momoa teaching his son how to throw a tomahawk axeJason Momoa/Instagram

Momoa soon comes to eat his own words as the first axe he throws sails past the target and hits a – hopefully empty – tent, but he remains confident and tries again, commenting: ‘You just have to be able to aim, and let it go.’

After taking a moment to readjust and remind himself of where the target actually is, the actor’s attempts are more successful and he manages to get the remaining axes nicely grouped on the target.


He tells his son:

Have a little glance, then turn away. It’s not really important, just make sure no one’s walking in the way, you know what I’m saying Wolf?

Jason Momoa teaching his son how to throw a tomahawk axeJason Momoa/Instagram

After successfully making us all feel inferior, Momoa goes on to show the ‘bloopers’ in which he explains that axe-throwing without looking is ‘all about arrogance and confidence’. Though he still makes a couple of successful attempts, Momoa points out that he doesn’t care whether he misses because he can’t see.


The actor then starts to get a bit more dangerous and throws the axes wildly through the air, but no one gets hurt, thanks to his previous checks to make sure the area was pedestrian-free.

Jason Momoa teaching his son how to throw a tomahawk axeJason Momoa/Instagram
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I’m not sure how often Nakoa-Wolf will find himself needing to throw an axe without looking, but I suppose all knowledge is useful, and it’s definitely an impressive skill to have.

Now all we need is the pair to show off their axe-throwing techniques in a father-son blockbuster.


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Jason Momoa/Instagram
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