Jay-Z Racks Up Huge $91,000 Bar Bill But People Are Furious At The Tip


I usually feel like Daddy Warbucks from the musical Annie whenever I treat a mate to a birthday cocktail.

However, the way Jay-Z handles bestie birthday drinks makes my happy-hour ‘Sex on the Beach’ look like a truly paltry offering.

Shawn Carter took Manhattan in a way the muppets could only dream of on Sunday, (February 18); spending over $110,000 for Roc Nation Sports president Juan ‘OG’ Perez’s b-day celebrations.

The 48-year-old rapper and businessman splashed $13,000 at the high end Japanese restaurant Zuma in Midtown where the party feasted on lobster, steak and sushi.

Seriously, the Zuma Instagram page is a thing of pure splendour for sushi buffs; boasting sumptuous images of Siberian caviar, wagyu beef and daikon & black truffle.

Just a shame I’d probably have to sell a kidney to afford the tap water alone, which might well hamper the enjoyment somewhat.

our very own garden of sashimi? ?: @jaldw1n

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With their tummies full of luxury delicacies, the plush pals headed uptown to Made in Mexico, Inwood, where they knocked back $9,000 worth of booze. This epic bill – of course – included Jay Z’s premium D’Ussé cognac.

Excited onlookers snapped pictures and videos of their idol living the high life, before posting them to social media; starry eyed and dazzled to be up close and personal to the hip-hop idol on a night out.

However, the real party had yet to begin:

According to Page Six, the celebrations continued at the elite Playroom nightclub – it was here where Jay-Z and friends really decided to loosen the purse strings.

The lavish bill included 40 bottles – half gold and half rose – of the hip hop legend’s Ace of Spades Champagne – I can only imagine this fizz was a darn sight more palatable than the Wetherspoon’s prosecco I knocked back over the weekend.

Generous Jay was clocked sharing the fun, giving away bottles to other tables in the club. What an absolute gent.

A flabbergasted Playroom server Snapchatted the final bill; which amounted to a preposterous $91,135.

This included an unimaginable tip of $11,000.

People on social media were left astonished by Jay Z’s big night on the town; left to imagine whether or not a disgruntled Beyonce would be banging loudly while doing the washing up the following morning.

However, the tip in particular has proved to be a real sticking point for many people, with some accusing the extravagant spender of being a tad stingy.

One person scoffed: ‘Yeah, Jay-Z left a $11,000 tip on a 80,000$ tab. That’s not even 15%.’

Another tip critic tweeted:

Jay-Z is worth half a billion dollars, he should tip more than 15%, and again, I’m willing to bet that he got the best service the establishment could give, which would have been worth more than 15%.

They wouldn’t let just anyone serve him..

To be fair, I wouldn’t be complaining too much about such an astronomically unexpected tip.

Somewhere out there in Manhattan, there’s a deliriously happy drinks server still jumping up and down, pinching themselves on the way to the travel agents…