Jenna Tatum Disgustingly Shamed For Posting Revealing Picture


You’d think Jenna Dewan Tatum, a woman, would be able to show off her figure without being slut-shamed by men on the internet wouldn’t you? Nope!

The Step Up actress could never get away with such a thing. You know why? Because she’s had a kid.

When the 36-year-old took to Instagram this week little did she know what lay ahead.

Jenna’s first mistake? Being a woman. Her second was being a proud one. Not the shy and silent type that a lot of men would prefer her to be.

Have a gander at some of the comments that followed:

Jenna Dewan/Instagram

Yeah, imagine following someone and then being alerted when they post a picture? God, if only there was a way for Jenna to not force herself down people’s throats.

The picture wasn’t even random. In the caption, Jenna clearly said she was giving a shoutout to Jennifer Lopez.

Jenna Dewan/Instagram

So why did people continue to make such disparaging comments? Call me crazy, but they might just be actually in love with Jenna.

How I imagine Posh Spice does tea time ???

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If true, I hate to break it to you, but Dewan is happily married to Channing Tatum – so that already-distant chance of you winning her over via Instagram comments has been finalised.

That’s life!