Jeremy Kyle Breaks Silence For First Time Since Show Was Axed In Emotional Interview

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Jeremy Kyle Breaks Silence For First Time Since Show Was Axed In Emotional InterviewITV/PA Images

Television presenter Jeremy Kyle revealed he has been suffering from anxiety as he broke his silence for the first time since his show was taken off the air. 

The Jeremy Kyle Show, which aired on ITV, was axed from the schedule after a former guest, Steve Dymond, died by suicide.


As well as hosting his own show, Kyle throughout his career worked on documentaries and did guest appearances on Good Morning Britain, meaning he had long been surrounded by other famous faces.

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During an interview with The Sun this week, the presenter admitted that he previously believed celebrities discussing issues with their mental health should ‘get a grip’, but following Dymond’s death, he ‘realised first-hand you can’t always do that.’

Kyle explained:


I never thought they would affect me like they did. That was a shock — but I’ve always said, ‘If you have a problem, admit it, and then seek the proper help’. So that’s what I did.

He described the loss of his show as a ‘very difficult time’, explaining he was ‘completely devastated at first’ and then ‘completely demotivated’.

Kyle added: ‘Every ounce of energy seemed to have gone and I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the house or even open the curtains.’

Jeremy Kyle (PA Images)PA Images

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The presenter was encouraged to go to the doctor to seek help for his mental health, and though he had ‘never’ done that before, he realised it was ‘the only way [he] could get [himself] through’. He was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and said he is ‘not embarrassed or ashamed to say [he] accepted the treatment on offer.’

Kyle recalled that while some acquaintances, such as Piers Morgan, Kate Garraway and Declan Donnelly, reached out to offer their support, there were ‘lots who just never got in touch again.’

Having joined ITV in 2005, Kyle admitted that he could have swapped his career ‘for a conventional nine-to-five job’ if he wanted to, so he understood why people ‘wanted to have a go’ at him.


He explained: ‘It did hit me hard. And it’s been awful to feel so scapegoated, and without being able to have my say about the accusations that often seemed to be levelled only at me. I’ve felt hunted and made out to be responsible for everything that ever took place around that show. But I was just the face of it.’

Kyle feels he has ‘never really been allowed to have [his] say’ on the matter, and noted that ‘even MPs were taking shots at [him] in the House of Commons — and at the time when [his] anxiety disorder was at its worst.’

With The Jeremy Kyle Show at an end, the presenter is now set to launch a show on talkRADIO.

If you’re experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is there to support you. They’re open from 5pm–midnight, 365 days a year. Their national number is 0800 58 58 58 and they also have a webchat service if you’re not comfortable talking on the phone

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