Jimmy Carr Emotionally Reveals How Sean Lock Saved His Career

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Jimmy Carr Emotionally Reveals How Sean Lock Saved His CareerAlamy

Comedian Jimmy Carr has opened up about his relationship with Sean Lock after his 8 Out Of 10 Cats co-star passed away last month. 

Lock’s death, coming after he was diagnosed with cancer, was met with heartfelt responses from fans and celebrities alike, with many of those who worked with him over his years as a comedian paying tribute to his quick wit, detailed stories and general all-around talents.


Carr had the opportunity to spend a wealth of time with Lock as he played a team captain on 8 Out of 10 Cats, where Carr is host, though Carr admitted he didn’t always appreciate how much of a role Lock played alongside him.

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In an interview with The Guardian to promote his new self-help book, Before & Laughter, Carr said: ‘After he died I looked back and went: ‘Hang on – was I in a double act?’ We did 250 TV shows together and I sort of didn’t notice.’

The comedian continued: ‘I mean, I don’t think he’d view me as a comedy partner. He’d say: “Get over yourself – I’m much funnier.’’


Though millions had the pleasure of seeing Lock share the satirical side of himself, Carr was able to call him a confidant; something that became clear when the show host became the centre of a huge tax avoidance scandal in 2012.

According to Carr, Lock assured the comedian that he would make it through the scandal as he recalled: ‘When that’s happening to you, you never forget the people who were good to you. And he was so good to me. He said: ‘Are you OK? All right, we’ll handle this.’ And then he went out there, was super-funny about it, no judgment.’

Lock helped make a joke out of Carr’s actions, which the host maintains were ‘entirely legal’, as he took to the 8 Out of 10 Cats studio and commented: ‘We all like to put a bit of money away for a rainy day, but I think you’re more prepared than Noah.’


Carr noted that he ‘didn’t have to’ pay back the money, but ‘morally’ chose to do so. With the help of Lock, he believes he got off lightly in the eyes of the public.

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He commented: 

I was publicly shamed for tax avoidance and it was very clear what I had to do: say sorry and pay it back. I didn’t have to…

It was as if I’d been on PAYE all the way through. I did that, and then people took the p*ss, which is the modern equivalent of being in the stocks. I took a tomato to the face from Sean Lock.

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Despite their close relationship, Carr has not covered his experiences with Lock in his new book, which is instead filled with notes on healthy eating, travel tips and, ironically, managing finances.

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677

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