Jimmy Fallon And Paris Hilton’s ‘Dystopian’ Interview Leaves Viewers Absolutely Baffled

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Jimmy Fallon And Paris Hilton’s ‘Dystopian’ Interview Leaves Viewers Absolutely Baffled
Jimmy Fallon And Paris Hilton’s ‘Dystopian’ Interview Leaves Viewers Absolutely Baffled (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube)

Paris Hilton made an appearance on The Tonight Show this week, but her conversation with host Jimmy Fallon has left viewers underwhelmed.

The socialite began her appearance by regaling Fallon with tales about her recent Las Vegas wedding (did you know she had seven outfit changes?) before switching the topic of chat to a totally-not-sponsored chat about NFTs.

In a skin-crawlingly awkward exchange, Hilton and Fallon reveal that each of them have bought Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs - you know, the ones with the monkeys wearing hats - as they attempt to promote the 'community' aspect of the trend.



'I was going through a lot of them, I was like, I want something that, like, kind of reminds me of me. But—this one, it does,' Hilton explained of her purchase, which appears to have cost her almost $300,000, before Fallon revealed his equally considered process, saying 'It reminded me of me a little bit, because I wear striped shirts.'

The entire conversation lasts for less than 90 seconds, but their desperate attempt to wring conversation out of the trend feels like an eternity, with even The Tonight Show's notoriously enthusiastic audience struggling to muster much more than a few charitable laughs at the process.

Yet just when they thought the NFT chat was over, Hilton revealed one more surprise: she's launched her own NFT collection and everyone in the audience was being gifted a token. Whether they liked it or not.


In a tweet following her appearance, Hilton said she felt like 'the Oprah of the metaverse,' with fellow NFT enthusiasts praising her for 'putting NFTs on the map.'

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We've all got our views on NFTs - they've been praised as decentralising the traditionally heavily exclusive art world, but equally have provided an opportunity for grifters and chancers looking to make a few extra bucks. We'll let you come to your own conclusions as to what side Hilton's collection falls on, but much of social media appears to already have made its mind up.

'I've sold phone coverage and men's razors with more dignity and conviction than Paris Hilton's NFT plug,' one person tweeted, with another writing 'Not forced, very natural. 100% real enthusiasm for this totally real and not a scam NFT thing.'


Others were more optimistic about the bit, with one person joking 'god SPEED. If anyone can kill NFT culture, it's Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton.'

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