Joe Rogan Reveals Remarkable Self-Fellatio Abilities In Wild Podcast Conversation

by : Cameron Frew on : 11 Nov 2021 16:07
Joe Rogan Reveals Remarkable Self Fellatio Abilities In Wild Podcast ConversationPowerfulJRE/YouTube

Joe Rogan can suck his own penis whenever he wants, apparently. 

Do you remember that myth about the singer – who’ll remain nameless – who apparently removed one of his ribs so he could bend sufficiently as to fellate himself? Do you remember in The Inbetweeners, when Neil says ‘you would if you could, though’, with regards to sucking himself off?


The question remains for all penis-owners out there: would you actually stick your head between your legs and give yourself a BJ? For Joe Rogan, it’s not a question of if he could – it’s a matter of when, it seems.

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Ari Shaffir, Mark Normand and Shane Gillis, one of the most boyish conversations to unfold on the show took place. ‘A girl tried to lick my a**hole once and I had to tell her to stop,’ it opens, sparking debate about whether they’d like to be rimmed, dangleberries and prepping one’s butt for such sexual activities.

‘It’s fun to clean your a**hole isn’t it, cause it’s still fun but it’s for health,’ another says, to which Rogan replies, ‘I shave it every few months, and it makes the farts sound completely different.’


The other guys are stunned, but Rogan continues, ‘I’m very flexible. I spread my legs apart, I go head between the legs… yeah, I could suck my own dick if I wanted to. I’ve never done it, I’ve just put it around my face so I know I could do it.’

Joe Rogan demonstrating his autofellatio methods. (PowerfulJRE/YouTube)PowerfulJRE/YouTube

‘You can suck your own d*ck, what are you doing here?’ one responds. It’s a good question; where would we all be if we could all just perform autofellatio at will?

‘You still have a d*ck in your mouth, you can’t enjoy it,’ Rogan answers.


Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

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