JoJo Siwa Looks Unrecognisable After Dramatic Makeover From James Charles

by : Emily Brown on : 22 Aug 2020 16:14
JoJo Siwa Looks Unrecognisable After Dramatic Makeover From James CharlesJames Charles/YouTube/PA Images

Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa swapped her glitter and ponytail for dark eyelashes and loose locks in a dramatic makeover from YouTuber James Charles. 

The 17-year-old reality star-turned-singer underwent the transformation on James’ latest YouTube video, released on August 21, in which the pair discussed JoJo’s rise to fame, her career achievements and her life as a famous teen.


JoJo’s traditional style consists of sequin-clad outfits, sparkly bows, bright, glittery makeup and a high ponytail, but after two years of persisting James finally managed to convince her to have a makeover on his show.

Check out the transformation below:

Jojo admitted she’d previously turned down James’ offer for a makeover because she was reluctant to give up her signature look, explaining: ‘At the time, I was 15. That was a lot scarier to me because I was so young.’


The YouTuber began his transformation of JoJo by removing the makeup she’d arrived in, and the Dance Moms star furthered the change by swapping her colourful jacket for a plain white jumper.

As James worked, the pair began discussing JoJo’s career and her success in the business world, a conversation which led to James questioning how people could make fun of JoJo when she’d achieved so much.

JoJo responded: ‘Because I’m a giant toddler and I have a receding hairline. I would make fun of me too.’


James continued the makeover by contouring JoJo’s skin, filling in her eyebrows and adding eyeshadow, eyeliner and fake eyelashes. The singer said her eyes felt ‘heavy’ once all the makeup was applied, but added: ‘they look pretty!’

James took JoJo off camera to style her hair before revealing her transformation to his viewers and asking JoJo whether she approved of his work.

JoJo commented:


I will say, it’s very pretty and you did a wonderful job on the hair and on the makeup, you really did. The makeup is stunning… obviously it’s not me, I mean you know how I showed up here, in sparkles and bright pink and neon and rainbow, but it is really pretty and you did an incredible job.

If it was on any other human I’d be like: ‘That human is the most stunning person in the whole wide world.’

JoJo Siwa makeoverJames Charles/YouTube

The star went on to say she felt like a ‘different version’ of herself, describing herself as ‘Joelle’, which is her real first name, rather than JoJo.

Fans were stunned at the transformation, with one person writing: ‘this is NOT jojo siwa WHO IS THIS IT CANT BE.’


After James’ makeover was complete, JoJo returned the favour by giving him a makeover of his own on her YouTube channel, where she adorned his face with her signature sparkles and adding a bright pink bow to his hair.

Fans were just as complimentary of JoJo’s work as they were with James’, with YouTube users describing JoJo as ‘stunning’ and saying James’ new look was ‘iconic’.

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