Justin Bieber Moves Into Rented North London Mansion For £108,333 A Month

by : Francesca Donovan on : 18 Oct 2016 06:28

Justin Bieber is known for haemorrhaging money as he jets around the world on his evil mission for global domination.

But Justin Bieber’s latest venture into future bankruptcy is a rented mansion in North London, setting him back £108,333 a month.


For the mathematically challenged, let me save you a sum with the little calculation; the rent will be costing Bieber £1.3 million every year.


While that’s more that I expect to earn in my entire lifetime, even if I work until my bones are dusty and frail, I can see why the rent is so obscenely expensive.

The grand mansion, built in 1910, sprawls over 24,000 square feet was sold for £25 million after it was immaculately renovated by a property magnate.


This guy spared no expense: The bathroom, for example, was designed to incorporate 12 different types of Italian marble.


There’s also both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a spa, tennis courts and a wine cellar.

In case that’s not enough to keep the singer occupied – and blissfully, keep him from making anymore music – there’s also a private cinema room.


The home, however, isn’t equipped with a half pipe, which is unfortunate after it became clear Justin needs some skating practise according to a video capturing the Sorry singer eating concrete twice.


Justin is in very good company in his new private Gen-Y idyll in this North London ‘burb.


The 20-year-old is sure to cosy down with his neighbours; the likes of whom include diplomats, magnates and members of the aristocracy.

A partner at Knight Frank told the Daily Mail:

Roads such as this continue to hold massive appeal amongst the rich and the famous, and this is one of the few areas in London to offer larger properties with huge, secluded gardens.

The house also offers complete privacy, something essential for someone of Justin’s pop star standing.



Of course, after the location of Justin’s new pad was leaked, the gates were swarmed by his army of ‘Beliebers’. They were not included in the price tag of the property.

The news of Justin’s arrival in London was received with mixed emotions and all the feels, apparently.

Despite their devotion, none of the fans have yet glimpsed the singing manchild in the flesh.

Francis Fermin, a builder who was working nearby said: 

One girl walked straight past him, then realised who he was and turned around and tried to get a selfie but he was having none of it.

Turns out all the money in the world can’t buy you a bit of gratitude, but it can buy you a bloody nice pad where you can wallow in your own arrogance.

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