Kanye West Celebrates Wife Kim Kardashian ‘Officially Becoming a Billionaire’

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Jun 2020 11:47

Kanye West Celebrates Wife Kim Kardashian 'Officially Becoming a Billionaire'Kim Kardashian/Instagram

There’s nothing quite as uplifting as getting support from a loved one, whether it’s for taking on a new challenge, completing a tiresome task, or, if you’re Kim Kardashian, becoming a billionaire. 

It’s an achievement only a handful of people can relate to, but I suppose it still warrants a celebration, and Kanye West didn’t disappoint.

Kim reached the milestone after making a deal with beauty conglomerate Coty, which saw the company acquire a 20% stake in the reality TV star’s KKW Beauty brand.


The deal valued Kim’s cosmetics and fragrance business at $1 billion, and in an effort to celebrate the news her husband Kanye shared a heartfelt tribute on Twitter, along with a gift that is best described as, well, odd.

He wrote:

I am so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West for officially becoming a billionaire.

You’ve weathered the craziest storms and now God is shining on you and our family.


The rapper went on to share a few lines that could well soon make it into one of his songs, as he shared a picture of a series of objects and wrote: ‘So blessed this is still life. So I made you this still life.’

Kanye’s ‘still life’ creation included some fresh produce that, I’ll admit, I’m struggling to identify. There’s definitely a tomato in there, but apart from that I’m pretty lost. The foodstuffs were placed alongside an array of colourful flowers, with the entire arrangement seemingly laid out on the ground.

It’s unclear whether Kanye led Kim outside and showed her his artwork in person, or whether he just presented it via Twitter, but either way it’s clear he put a lot of work in.


I suppose it just goes to show that even when you have millions and millions of dollars at your disposal, it’s still the thought that counts.

Though KKW Beauty was valued at $1 billion, Forbes estimates the deal made Kim’s net worth about $900 million. The acquisition will leave her as the majority owner of KKW Beauty, with an estimated 72% stake in the company as Forbes estimates her mother, Kris Jenner, owns 8% of the business.


The partnership with Coty will help Kim expand her KKW Beauty brand into more categories, including skincare, haircare, personal care and nail products, while also bringing the items into more global markets, according to a news release cited by People.

Earlier this year, Kanye got into an argument with Forbes over his billionaire status as he claimed he was worth more than the company estimated.

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