Kanye West Fat-Shamed Online By Trolls After Pictures Emerge Of Him Happier Than Ever


Kanye West has reportedly been having a rough time since cancelling his Saint Pablo tour last year – and now trolls have fat-shamed him after some new paparazzi pictures.

Last year Kanye was hospitalised amid reports of an emotional breakdown and since then there have been very few pictures of him looking happy in public.

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Everyone wanted to weigh-in on Kayne West‘s new look, including the Daily Mail who called it a ‘relaxed physique’ in a startling piece of convoluted writing (pot, kettle, I know).

As usual the harshest comments came on social media:

Standard Twitter response to any picture of any celebrity.

The weird thing is in the pictures he doesn’t even look overweight, if anything he looks like he could have been working out:

However, one Twitter user made a very good observation that Kanye is actually smiling:

Obviously this is just one instance of Kayne smiling but it’s good to see that he might be coming over the issues that plagued him last year.

Kanye West lives a life that most of us can’t even dream of but mental health issues can affect anyone regardless of their outward appearance of ‘success’. If anything attaining the levels of fame that Kayne has and still not feeling fulfilled would be a brutal situation.

However, not all the commentators on Twitter were focused on Kanye’s body shape, eagle-eyed sneakerheads were focused on real priorities, new Yeezys:

Just goes to show that no matter what Kanye does every photo of him will be analysed in minute detail and dissected online.

In that spirit, for shoe fans there is also a close-up of the as yet unreleased new trainers:

Definitely, a strong look. Hopefully, he’s working on lots of other projects too and is on the road to recovery.