Kanye West ‘Terrified’ New Leaked Images Will Ruin His Marriage


Kanye West is ‘terrified’ that videos filmed in the lead up to his breakdown could destroy his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

20 hours of footage were allegedly shot just days before his hospitilisation last November.

His lawyer said the images ‘graphically depicted the deterioration of his condition and mental breakdown.

Radar Online claims it has hold on leaked emails between Kanye West‘s legal team and Lloyd’s of London, tour insurers who the rapper has filed a whopping $10 million lawsuit against after they allegedly refused to cover the cost of his cancelled shows.


Kanye is now apparently petrified the footage could not only ‘hurt his career’ but ‘more importantly, destroy his marriage’, according to West’s lawyer Howard King.

Yeezy’s breakdown is reported to have been spurred on by medication he took after his wife Kim was burgled at gunpoint in Paris.

He was rushed to hospital after he began behaving ‘erratically’ at personal trainer Harley Pasternak’s home.

Here’s hoping these videos stay private.