Katie Price Trolled After Making Typo On Harvey’s Birthday Cake

by : Emily Brown on : 30 May 2018 21:21
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Katie Price really knows how to cause controversy and her latest stunt has the most particular people peeved.

This time around Katie has riled up all the grammar perfectionists when posting a picture of her son Harvey’s birthday cake.


We all know someone who’s guilty of grammatical and spelling errors in their social media posts. Someone who should definitely have learnt the difference between ‘there’,’their’ and ‘they’re’, and the painful ‘defiantly’ instead of ‘definitely’ mistake in posts. Most of the time we let it slide, and sit smugly in our superiority of knowing the difference between the words.

Someone who isn’t going to get away with their grammatical errors, however, is Loose Women presenter Katie Price.

Katie Price FamilyKatie Price FamilyPA

Katie recently posted a picture of her son Harvey’s 16th birthday cake on Instagram, a delicious looking cake with a frog in the centre, encircled in stars.


Making reference to the stars, Katie attempts to endear her son, writing ‘your my star’.

Unfortunately, this resulted in Harvey’s ‘Happy Birthday’ post’s comments to be interspersed with grammatical corrections.

For those of you who didn’t pick up on the mistake, it should be ‘you’re my star’, not ‘your’. You’re = you are.


Comments included:

*you’re my star, not your

Embarrassing grammatical error

That’s lovely of her. Still the wrong grammar tho.

In her defence, Price does credit the making of the cake to one Wendy Hayler, so Katie might be able to pass this mistake on to the cake maker.


Other commenters stuck up for Katie and the cake, writing:

Poor woman tries to do something nice for Harvey and this sad act has to pick fault bet he loved the cake

if it’s a gift, I’d teach my kids to be grateful for someone making the effort for them without scrutinising the grammar and picking holes in what was a nice thought

This saddens me greatly, that what we see before us is a lovely lad with learning delays enjoying a very special day with HIS special people around him. Who the hell cares about spelling errors

The lady who made the spelling mistake on the cake didn’t commit a crime either yet here you were with your negatively.

Katie chose to ignore the critiques on the cake’s grammar, and expressed in later posts that Harvey had a great birthday.


Katie celebrated her own birthday a few days ago, posting a picture of 40 red roses in honour of her 40th birthday.

Now, I’m not one to poke holes, but it should actually be ‘whose’ here, instead of ‘who’s’. Maybe we can place the ‘your my star’ error on Katie after all.

Although Katie seems very pleased with her gift, some fans weren’t so impressed, and commented on the flowers:

Tesco garage by the looks of them

Bit tacky looking

that yellow box with red flowers ?! As I florist it hurts my eyes too see

Regardless of spelling and grammar, I hope both Katie and Harvey had fabulous birthdays, and Instagram is really all about the pictures, so we can forgive a couple of grammatical mistakes.

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