Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Talk Boobs and Kissing In These Screen Test Clips

by : Francesca Donovan on : 18 Oct 2016 16:46

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid just got real in these interviews for W Magazine.

Well, as real as you can expect from two supermodel multi-millionairesses.


The pretty pair, who’re next to inseparable, have now starred in a series of screen tests together and open up about their lives, loves, careers and pet peeves safe in the company of friends – and, you know, a global audience.

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missing my main. **#kengi af

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So first up, we have Kendall Jenner (of the Kardashian Klan) who apparently loves getting her tits out – her words, not mine.


The ex-reality TV child star with big dreams said:

I’m young! When I’m older I want to be able to look at it and be like ‘I look good!’

She went onto discuss her work ethic, saying she’s had a job since she was 10-years-old having ‘been raised to be a workaholic’. Kendall added proudly that she worked every day for 10 months out of the year.

Just to clarify, the unabashed Kendall gets two whole months off every year, which makes her diligent in her own eyes and totally delusional in mine.


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Kendall jokes about her reality TV career – if you can call being born into an attention-seeking family a job.

Talking fondly of her younger sister Kylie Jenner (pictured above), she said:

Basically, my sister and I are baby bosses.

We’re on our way to rule the world.


…Which explains why everyone’s been panicking about World War Three so much recently.

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got you got me

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At the evil duo’s right hand – as the world as we know ends – you can expect to see Gigi Hadid – who we gained a newfound respect for after she fended off her street attacker last month.

Now, it’s her turn to try and say something poignant.


Hadid followed in her mother, supermodel Yolanda Foster’s footsteps from the age of 2 when she starred in a Baby Guess campaign, apparently.

Whether her career was earned through genuine talent or handed to her through nepotism remains to be seen.

All the same, she’s nailed the relateable cringe-worthy first kiss story, telling W that she had braces when she kissed her first crush, dubbing it ‘horrible and awkward with lots of metal.’

As the hottest commodities in fashion right now, Kendall and Gigi have worked together over and over, solidifying their friendship on sets including a Mario Testino shoot for Vogue, as well as walking the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret together.

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TONIGHT! 💕 #vsfs2015 10/9c only on CBS!

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They’ve even swapped their signature hairstyles with each other.

Whether this was a conscious choice or just more damning evidence that the pair are gradually morphing into each other without an original thought in their heads, we’ll never know.

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playin barbie with @balmain ;) ⇄ #kengi

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Admittedly, these girls do have talent which extends beyond their flesh and bone bodies.

Kendall can do a pretty kickass bird impression and Gigi is a dab hand at basketball, which does count for something, I guess.

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