Kim And Kanye Sell Home For Record Fee


Kim and Kanye, can’t get enough of them, can we. Well, the two pop culture behemoths have gone and done something newsworthy again. What are they like? They’ve only gone and sold their house and made a tidy sum.

That’s something I bet you never saw coming, Kimye making money. Next you’ll be telling me it’s nearly Christmas or Taylor Swift’s got a new album out. Really can’t keep up with this rollercoaster sometimes.

To give them credit, selling a house is a pain in the internet-breaking backside. Not that I’d know, because wages have been completely stagnant for the last decade and I have about as much chance of owning a house as I do appearing on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


TMZ report that Kim and Kanye have sold their Bel-Air mansion and in the process have trousered a cool $17.8 million in the process. Well, technically speaking they’ve pocketed an $8.8 million profit after buying the property in 2013 for a snip at $9 million. That’s basically pretend money, innit.

The sale is the most expensive in the history of the exclusive Bel-Air Crest community, which if you read the headline is obvious.

When they took the keys to pad in 2013 Kanye and Kim went full-on Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen and Linda Barker on the place, stripping it down and rebuilding it as a modern minimalist home you would probably never see the likes of on Changing Rooms.

The 10,000sq ft house has been bought by Ukrainian philanthropist Marina Acton, currently based in Silicon Valley. TMZ say that she’s pursuing a music career and found the property ‘creative and inspiring’. Based on the strength of Yeezus and The Life of Pablo we’ll trust her on that one.


Matt and Josh Altman from the TV show Million Dollar Listing LA represented both parties in the transaction, just to put to bed any predictions of a spotty graduate in an ill-fitting suit and a hideously branded Mini being involved.

Kim and Kanye have now moved back into their 20,000sq ft home in Hidden Hills.

Feel free to forward your housewarming presents directly to us – we’ll definitely make sure they get passed on.