Kim Kardashian’s Ridiculous ‘Diet Tip’ Is Really P*ssing People Off


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Kim Kardashian, famous for her existence, body, and stable selfie arm, has given her top diet tip… get the flu.

Unsurprisingly, the professional nobody has come under fire for recommending illness as a way of losing weight.

On Twitter, Kim wrote: “The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met lol.”

Obviously Kim is trying her hand at a bit of sarcasm, but no doubt some of her possessed fans will hang on her every words and give her tip a go.

A doctor had a heart attack when he read Kim’s advice and reminded everyone ‘Influenza can be a life threatening condition! Get annual flu shot’, while others branded her an ‘airhead’.

Kim is getting in shape for the famous Met Ball, and some Twitter users are saying it’s ‘no wonder why eating disorders are so common’.

To be fair, if you’re getting your dieting/health advice from any of the Kardashians, it’s probably not going to work out quite how you hope it will…