Kim Kardashian Facing Huge Backlash For Latest Topless Picture


No stranger to posting topless photos, reality star Kim Kardashian is facing a backlash after sharing pictures from a raunchy photoshoot.

The 37-year-old took to Instagram last night, (January 30), to post a series of racy photos in which she’s only wearing a fur coat or sheer top with a pair of panties.

Not exactly known for her shyness, the mum-of-three blurred out her nipples in the images – which are said to be inspired by Bo Derek’s classic look in the 1979 film, 10.


In the photos Kim is sporting cornrow braids, which have received even more attention than her breasts, as people are calling her out for cultural appropriation.

Branding her as disrespectful, one fan commented:

Kim Kardashian should have learned by now how to properly deal with black culture and considering she has three black kids this behaviour is disturbing

Another was angry after Kim said her inspiration for the braids was Bo Derek writing:

Kim K got braids like these and gave credit to Bo Derek for the style. Am I wrong for being bothered? Because I’m super bothered.

That’s who you give credit for for that styl!? Seriously.

You should be ashamed of yourself for calling your Fulani braids, Bo Derek braids… you are truly a culture vulture. [sic]


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Even Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan took to the comments section to slam Kim simply writing: ‘I am confused’, on Perez Hilton’s sharing of the photo.


Kim wasn’t having any of it though replying sarcastically with ‘you know what’s confusing… your sudden foreign accent’ – referring to Lohan’s bizarre new vaguely British accent.

With this, Lohan quickly shut up.

Of course whenever Kim does post a topless photo, haters come flying to the comments section like moths to a light.

It’s no surprise then the new mum was blasted for sharing yet another snap of her breasts as commenters claimed she had no respect for herself.

One wrote:

When you don’t have anything else to be respected for besides your butt and boobs…

Another added:

Is not about the body!! Is about having respect for yourself as a human being! This is going too far people!

Dammm all the money in the world but yet you can’t see the truth! [sic]

Kim was also criticised for what example she was setting for her young fans as this person pointed out:

Great example to set for all the young girls following you and great support for all your crazy feminist friends… well done!!

Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks

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Earlier this month the reality television queen brought home her newborn baby girl Chicago West, who was born via a surrogate.

Chicago is Kim and Kanye’s third child, joining North and Saint.