Kim Kardashian Has Failed Her Law Exam

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Kim Kardashian Has Failed Her Law Exam@kimkardashian/Instagram/PA Images

Kim Kardashian has been working hard towards her law degree, however, she is now facing a setback. 

Exams in any field are stressful, and studying law has a reputation for being particularly difficult. Reality star Kim Kardashian is now experiencing this first-hand, as she has been struggling with her First Year Law Student Exam (FYLSE).


The FYLSE, also known as the ‘Baby Bar’, is a seven-hour exam made up of four essays that are used by unaccredited law schools in California. Given that a 70% accuracy rate is required to pass, it’s not an easy challenge.

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In a preview for the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim revealed to her sisters Khloe and Kourtney that she had not passed the test. In typical fashion, the preview had some dramatic slow music for the announcement, and Kim went on to explain her situation.

Kim noted that:


If you are doing law school the way I’m doing it, it is a 4-year program instead of your typical 3-year program, and after year 1, you have to take the Baby Bar. This was actually harder, I hear, than the official bar.

While the jury is out on which test is harder, it’s clear that the Baby Bar is difficult. In fact, Kim’s mentor, attorney Jessica Jackson, had some comforting words for the reality star.

Jackson explained how close Kim was to passing:


You needed a 560, you got a 474. That is extremely close on a test that most people are not taking in the middle of a pandemic.


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The attorney also reassured Kardashian that she was not a failure for not passing the test.

Discussing her plans to retake it, Kim appeared conflicted. She explained to her sisters that she could retake the test in November, which was just a month away at the time of filming, but also had a season finale to attend, her fortieth birthday party and other celebrations. With that said, she did not want to delay the test until next year as she was worried she’d begin to forget what she had learned.


It is unclear what Kim will decide, but it’s evident that following in her father’s footsteps is not easy. Kim’s late father, Robert Kardashian, was a high-profile lawyer who most notably defended OJ Simpson in his divisive murder trial.

The reality star has legal issues of her own at the moment, with her staff suing her for allegedly failing to pay their wages. With that in mind, she may want to pass her exam soon.

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