Kim Kardashian Was In A Tupac Video And It’s Been Uncovered Online


Just when you think you’ve learned all there is to know about Kim Kardashian-West, yet another revelation emerges.

This time around, an artefact has emerged from nineties era Kardashian history, in the unexpected form of a Tupac music video.

The 38-year-old reality TV phenomenon has revealed she appeared in a Tupac vid way back in 1994. Kim was just 14 years old at the time, with her social media empire still very much a lifetime away.

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Speaking on a recent episode of Jonathan Cheban’s Foodgod podcast, Kim was asked to reveal something about herself that the host didn’t already know.

Ever one to cause an internet-breaking stir, Kim nonchalantly replied:

When I was 14, I was in a Tupac video. It was like 1994.

Elaborating on whether or not this event was ‘Google-able’ Kim said:

No. No one would ever know, So first of all, we lied and said we were like 18 probably. I definitely looked 18. I didn’t even drive.

Kim[berly] Stewart was in some, I don’t even know what, I think it was for a soundtrack. I have to call Kourtney [Kardashian] and find out.

Kim told Cheban she didn’t get to meet Tupac himself, and has reportedly never seen the resulting footage:

No, he wasn’t there, I’ve never seen the footage. We were walking down the runway, like we were models walking down a runway.

It wasn’t like we were in bikinis by the pool or anything like that. We were literally walking down a runway, and it was Kim Stewart, Kourtney, me and maybe like one or two other of our friends.


She continued:

I don’t know how it happened. It was at a studio, like Milk Studios or something, and they set up a runway, and we were models in a fashion show,

And it was I think maybe for a soundtrack? Maybe it was like ’94 or ’95. I don’t really know. I don’t remember. I just remember we definitely didn’t tell our parents. It was supposed to be for some music video.

I never saw it ever come out, and I was bracing myself to tell my dad that I did this Tupac video… So I remember bracing myself, like, ‘How am I gonna say this to my dad?’ And then it never came out. I would’ve been in such trouble.

[…] It’s out there, and I hope someone finds it.

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According to a report from toofab, this mysterious video is believed to be Tupac’s All About U video, which features various young women on a runway.

One of these girls – who can be seen wearing a blue dress at 3:05, 3:27 and 4:22 – looks uncannily like one of the elder Kardashian sisters.

You can watch the nostalgia-inducing vid for yourself below:

For a person who has regularly been criticised for being ‘famous for being famous‘, it would appear Kim has made her mark within more or less every entertainment medium going.

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