Kylie Jenner Loses Landmark Legal Battle And Gets Thrown Serious Shade


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It seems that the girl who has everything in the world, can’t have her own name to herself.

Kylie Jenner attempted to trademark the name Kylie for her clothing and beauty empire, but, unsurprisingly, this caused a stir with another Kylie you might have heard of.

That’s right, the original Kylie. You know, the international superstar with seven UK number one hits, and a significant breast cancer activist?

Of course, the US Trademark Office saw Ms Minogue’s point and rejected Jenner’s application.

The Aussie pop princess did not mince her words in the long list of reasons against the baby Kardashian’s application, calling her a ‘secondary reality television personality’ in contrast to her being an ‘internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer activist known worldwide simply as “Kylie”.’

The 19-year-old self titled baby boss is showing no sign of quitting though, and has already lodged an appeal.

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I think Minogue needed a win following her recent split from fiance Joshua Sasse because of suspicions he had become close with Spanish actress Marta Milans.

If they both can’t have the name, it seems pretty clear which one is more entitled to it.