Kylie Jenner Shared Her ‘Selfie Secrets’ And They’re So Sh*t It Hurts


When the entire world is struggling to care about Kylie Jenner’s selfie collection, I’m not sure what possessed her to think we would want to see the brain-dissolving action behind the scenes.

Kylie’s ‘Selfie Secrets’ video is like when you get given tickets to a gig you’d rather gouge your eyes out than watch, before being gifted a backstage pass to find out the intricate details of why it was so shit.

Just in case you had stared into her digitally altered eyes on Instagram and wondered…how? here are the profound guidelines from the queen of taking photos on your front camera (which is a valued skill now apparently).

Oh yeah, and just to burst everyone’s bubble, she also revealed that she does not run her own Instagram account, a woman called Victoria does it.

The 19-year-old, like a vain werewolf, waits until the sun sets to take her photos, and claims that sunset lighting in the number one tip.

The video, which appears in full on her app, talks about ‘finding your angle’ which I can only assume is the new spiritual journey people embark on during a gap year.

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It is clear from her Instagram feed that Photoshop is a very close friend, but in her guidelines she advises not to ‘go too crazy’ with the filters and editing.

Kylie said:

I feel like people want to see my whole outfit, so I’ll have my friends just take full body pictures of me in my backyard and then you have to edit them! Don’t go too crazy [with editing], but it’s important.

tag a friend with brown eyes ??

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There are obviously some people who care because the self-proclaimed baby boss has 78 million Instagram followers and was called into the Snapchat headquarters to celebrate having the most-viewed account.

So it seems that some people will be following her ‘keys to success’.

That’s exactly what we need, more people who know how appear better, rather than be better.


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Kylie Jenner once said ‘I have to take 500 selfies to get it right’.

How many more of these videos do you have to take before I end it?