Leonardo DiCaprio Brags About His Dad Bod To Famous Models


Leonardo DiCaprio really does have it all; that Oscar he long deserved, a stellar CV and, most importantly, a ‘dad bod’ to be proud of.

The dreamboat actor, who always looks good, is the celebrity poster child for the famous ‘dad bod’ trend which has taken over Hollywood.

Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd have all rocked ‘dad bods’, a body which can only be described as achieving the perfect balance between having a beer belly and a bit of muscle.

But none are as good as Leo’s…

Paramount Pictures

So it is no wonder then that Leo has been caught bragging to models about his body and the fact that he doesn’t work out.

A source for Page Six overheard Leo boasting at a Fourth of July party at his home in Malibu.

The source said:

It was a party at this private estate. He was drinking his beer and bragging to these models about how he doesn’t work out.

The girls were like, ‘Does he think that’s attractive? It’s not like he’s in ‘Titanic’ shape anymore.


To be fair to Leo it has been 20 years since Titanic and the world loves his hot ‘dad bod’ so he has every right to boast.

He is fucking Leonardo DiCaprio, what were these girls thinking!

You keep skipping those pilates classes hun, you don’t need them!