Leonardo DiCaprio Once Licked An NFL Player’s Wife’s Ear

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Jan 2022 18:19
Leonardo DiCaprio Once Licked An NFL Player's Wife's Ear Alamy

Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have once licked the ear of an NFL player’s wife as a dare while on holiday. 

The bizarre story about the Titanic actor came to light recently during an episode of The Morning After, a podcast hosted by Kelly Stafford, who is married to NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford.


In an episode shared this week, Kelly explained that she and her husband had gone on holiday to the Bahamas with Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and his wife Sarah Ryan, and met DiCaprio while they were there. Of course, we could linger on the fact that the couples just so happened to run into one of the world’s biggest celebrities while on holiday, but that’s definitely not the strangest part of this story.

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Kelly went on to recall that she, Matthew, Sarah and Ryan ended up playing drinking games with DiCaprio and his party – as you do – and at one point during the events the Don’t Look Up star was tasked with licking Sarah’s ear.

According to the podcast host, DiCaprio received his instructions while playing a game on a phone, which said: ‘Leo, lick Sarah’s ear four times or drink six sips.’


Not one for giving up on a challenge, DiCaprio is said to have got up ‘quickly’ before walking ‘slowly’ over to Sarah.’

Painting a picture for her listeners, Kelly said: ‘I’m looking at Sara like, ‘Holy sh*t’. He like squats slowly and just goes after Sarah’s ear. Licks her ear, I don’t know, about four seconds, gets up, sits back down and I swear Sarah didn’t move.’

Admittedly the idea of having your ear licked by a virtual stranger – DiCaprio or not – could be a bit unsettling, but Sarah didn’t seem to mind as she responded to Kelly’s story on social media by describing the situation as the ‘most incredible moment’ of her life, ‘childbirth included’. She added: ‘Time stood still for me!’

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The fun didn’t end there for the group as Kelly went on to reveal they also played games of both frisbee and volleyball with DiCaprio and his girlfriend at the time, Nina Agdal.

Unfortunately, the latter game didn’t have a very happy ending as Kelly recalled how her husband spiked the ball so it ‘ricochets off the worker’s hands, on the other team, right into Nina Agdal’s face.’

The Bahamas trip was evidently an eventful one – I imagine it would be hard for any holiday after that to live up to the one that included DiCaprio!

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