Lil Baby Roasted For Posting Wealth Chart Claiming ‘Poor’ Is Anyone With Less Than $500,000

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Feb 2021 17:23
Lil Baby Roasted For Posting Wealth Chart Claiming 'Poor' Is Anyone With Less Than $500,000PA Images/lilbaby_1/Instagram

Perfect Timing rapper Lil Baby posted a wealth chart that claims anyone with less than $500,000 is poor. 

The Atlanta artist put up an Instagram post of him holding wads of cash – all $100 bills, of course. After flicking through three photos that are pretty much the same, you’ll arrive at the chart that has riled his fans up.


This ‘wealth level by net-worth’ chart tries to claim that if you have less than half a million dollars, you’re defined as ‘poor’. Naturally, people are calling it out as bullsh*t. Also, I’m calling it bullsh*t.


While the 26-year-old laps up his own ballooning wealth – during his last birthday party, he received around $1 million worth of gifts – others have criticised him for taking a jab at lower earners.

One user wrote, ‘Lil Baby ain’t have to remind us how f*ckin poor we are… we working on it… some of us blessed to have a damn job right now.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is stupid. Lord please stop blessing dummies and give this money to people that deserve it. Smh…’


It should be noted that the chart hasn’t been made to be taken entirely seriously. Beyond poor, it says those with between $500,000 and $2 million are middle class.

If you work your way through the rest of the categories – which include upper middle, comfortable, wealthy, lesser rich, comfortable rich, rich, seriously rich, truly rich and filthy rich – you’ll arrive at super rich, which is defined by a fortune of $2 billion or more.

Another user wrote, ‘Lil Baby said $500K-2M is middle class in the middle of a global pandemic….. you can’t be this out of touch.’


Lil Baby’s net worth is estimated at around $4 million, which would place him firmly in the ‘comfortable’ bracket. Don’t worry mate, you’ll reach the big rich leagues one day.

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