Logan Paul Has Had An Emo Makeover And People Are Horrified

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Mar 2020 09:28
Logan Paul undergoes emo transformationLogan Paul/YouTube

Logan Paul appears to have stepped back into the height of emo-ism as he’s dyed his hair black and purple and started sporting heavy eyeliner. 

Honestly, he has a sweep fringe worthy of an award.


The YouTuber underwent his dramatic transformation in his latest YouTube video, titled ‘Goodbye Logan Paul’, and seeing the typically blonde, short haired star change so drastically has left his fans horrified.

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just gave a shark a wet willy

A post shared by Logan Paul (@loganpaul) on

Paul was inspired to become the emo-ist of emos after getting his nipple pierced; a procedure he was forced into after losing a race down a slide.

In his latest video, while he’s begging his friends to help him clean his piercing, he’s likened to a meme of the ‘typical’ emo, which shows a man with thick black and purple hair swept across his face like a protective helmet.

Emo meme Logan Paul mimickedLogan Paul/Twitter

Paul commented:

All my boys are making fun of me for my nipple, but I got an idea. We’ll see who’s laughing now.

You’ve all seen the memes, but the emo man in this viral picture is actually not me… until today.

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The YouTuber decided to play into the hands of his teasing friends and set about shaving his beard, covering his face with foundation and painting thick, black lines around his eyes, before taking a break to stroke a picture of his inspiration, the iconic emo meme.

He donned a heavy black wig and a lip ring before going to sit, hunched over, in the shower to await the arrival of his ‘boys’.

Paul surprised his friends with his new look, prompting one to describe the transformation as the ‘scariest thing [he’s] seen in his life’.


He completed the look with black nail varnish to match the ‘deepest parts of [his] heart’.

Of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without a soundtrack from My Chemical Romance, and sure enough the haunting piano introduction to The Black Parade soon started playing over visuals of Paul buying a guitar, shopping at Hot Topic and accessorising with spiky bracelets.

Though Paul insisted his new look matched his mood, many of his fans took to the comments section to make clear they aren’t so taken with the emo style.


One person commented:

A moment of silence for his beautiful beard………..

Another wrote:

Emo Logan makes me really uncomfortable. Plz grow back the beard

A third responded:

You remind me of Hotel Transylvania Dracula

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it’s not just a phase mom [swipe]

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Of course, Paul could quickly reverse the majority of his transformation by losing the wig and using a makeup wipe, but as the video shows him punching a photo of his old self, fans might have to say goodbye to their beloved blonde YouTuber.

He’s joined the dark, sad side now.

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