Love Island Couple ‘Split’ Within A Week Of The Show Ending

by : UNILAD on : 29 Jul 2017 14:01

To the dismay of many Love Island fanatics across the country, it has been reported that Montana and Alex have split since finishing the show. 


The pair have apparently split up in secret but plan to put on a ‘united front’ for the reunion show Sunday with all other contestants.

It’s almost as if reality TV is scripted.

Montana’s intentions are loud and clear. On Loose Women last week, she revealed that she didn’t love Alex despite declaring it to him on the island, as well as admitting she went on the show for professional reasons and not personal. Youch.


So what does Alex think of all this? What sorrow is that poor perma-tanned mach man experiencing right now?

None by the looks of it. The guy even tweeted calling it bullshit.


He wrote:

It’s all fake dude don’t worry. I’m seeing my girl very very soon.

He’d even previously tweeted about the two of them Facetiming because apparently two people talking to each other on the phone means you’re in love.

Bit vague, if you ask me.

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