Love Island Star Shares New Aftermath Video Of Accident That Split Eye

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Aug 2019 09:43
Theo Campbell shares aftermath of champagne cork accident Love IslandTheo Campbell shares aftermath of champagne cork accident Love IslandTheo Campball/Instagram

Love Island star Theo Campbell has shared footage of the moment immediately after a champagne cork split his eye ‘in half’.


The 28-year-old, who found fame on Love Island in 2017, was rushed to hospital in Ibiza after being hit in the eye with the cork earlier this week.

Campbell underwent two surgeries as a result of the incident.

The reality TV star took to his Instagram story yesterday to share a video of the aftermath:


After sharing the clip, Campbell spoke about the experience in a series of videos taken from his hospital bed.

He kept his sunglasses on to hide the bandage covering his eye, explaining it was ‘less distracting’.

In a photo posted to Instagram earlier this week, the reality star said he had ‘lost all vision in his right eye’, though he’s optimistic that some sort of recovery might be possible.

Addressing his 295,000 followers yesterday, the 28-year-old said:

I am hopeful and I am not thinking that I have lost my eye forever. Managed to save the eye, so am hoping to have my eye repaired.

Campbell then went on to recall the incident in graphic detail, explaining champagne was being popped all around him and, after being handed a bottle, he decided to join in.

He explained some of the alcohol which was being sprayed had gone in to his eye and so he took his sunglasses off to wipe it away, however in that very moment the cork came shooting towards him.

Theo Campbell shares aftermath of champagne cork accidentTheo Campbell shares aftermath of champagne cork accidentTheo Campbell/Instagram

He explained:

I thought I would get spraying and someone sprayed under my glasses, in my eye.

I took my glasses off to get the champagne out of my eye and in a split second I turn round and face downwards and a some girls in front of me has a bottle down by their waist, shakes it and just as I turn my head, it just catches me perfect time, bullseye shot, absolute bullseye.

Campbell continued:

It hits me clean in the eye, that’s how easy it was.

I don’t like being in these champagne sprays just in case it hits you in the eye but I thought what are the chances?

I put my hand down and in agony and didn’t try to open my eye for two minutes as I was too scared and when I opened my eyes I had blood in my hand. I knew my eye was a goner.

Campbell was joined in hospital by girlfriend Kaz Crossley, from the 2018 series of Love Island. 

The 28-year-old described himself as the ‘comeback king’ and added ‘hopefully this will be another comeback’.

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Theo Campbell/Instagram
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