Machine Gun Kelly's Engagement Ring For Megan Fox Called Abusive

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Machine Gun Kelly's Engagement Ring For Megan Fox Called Abusive
Machine Gun Kelly's Engagement Ring For Megan Fox Called Abusive (@meganfox/Instagram/Alamy)

There is much about Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox's whirlwind relationship that the couple did not need to share with us, and the fact that the singer designed his new fiancée's engagement ring to 'hurt' is one of those things.

Unfortunately, as has been the case throughout the past year and a half, overshare they did, and the latest revelation has sparked something of a debate on social media.

Announcing their engagement on Instagram, Fox explained that the ring was designed by Kelly – real name Colson Baker – to include both his and Fox's birth stones, with the piece held together by a magnet to represent the '[drawing] together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love'.


But, as Kelly revealed to Vogue, there's more to it than that, with the Tickets To My Downfall singer claiming that the ring's bands were actually thorns 'so if she tries to take it off, it hurts'.

According to the couple, the meaning behind the slightly sadistic design was to symbolise that 'love is pain', but not everyone has seen it that way.


While some have labelled to move extremely 'on brand' for a couple who have already admitted drinking each other's blood, others question whether Kelly's open admission that he hoped to cause Fox physical pain if she ever tried to remove the ring has led to claims of a 'toxic' attitude to commitment and marriage, with some people claiming the design could be seen as 'abusive'.

As one columnist wrote for Yahoo! Voices, 'Kelly giving Fox a ring that could cause her physical pain keeps her bound to him – it is beyond her control. It feels to me like a not-so-subtle display of toxic masculinity – and it simply doesn’t sit right.'


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Others have agreed, with one person writing on social media, 'Why not design the ring to look like an actual red flag.'

Of course, no one really knows whether Kelly was being serious when he said the ring would hurt to remove – maybe he was just perpetuating the emo mythology that the couple have created for themselves ever since going public with their star-crossed romance.

But nevertheless, the claim has led many people to urge fans of the couple not to romanticise the idea of pain in a relationship, with author Lux Alptraum writing, 'It just breaks my heart to see women engaging in these masochistic exercises to prove that they are 'worthy' of men who are utter pieces of sh*t who will break their hearts in the end anyway.'

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