Man Who ‘Helped Tupac Fake Death’ Fakes His Own To Prove Rapper Never Died

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Tupac's former bodyguard reveals he faked his deathPA Images

Tupac Shakur’s former bodyguard has released a video revealing he faked his own death to prove the rapper did the same. 

Michael Nice worked with Tupac before the California Love rapper was killed in a drive-by shooting in September 1996, but in December last year it was reported Nice had died just days before he was due to release evidence which would apparently prove Tupac was still alive.


The news came from the YouTube channel Nice worked for, Icini Studios, who described the former bodyguard’s sudden death as ‘suspicious’.

Now, however, Nice has made a comeback with a video on the same channel:

Nice made headlines after Tupac’s death when he claimed the rapper had actually been smuggled into Cuba with the help of former president Fidel Castro.


There have been a number of conspiracy theories surrounding Tupac’s death, and over two decades later some fans are still convinced he’s alive.

The not-so-deceased former bodyguard has now revealed he faked his own death, a stunt he believes proves his claims about Tupac.

Nice spoke from an ‘unknown location’ in the video, explaining:

My name’s Michael Nice. I faked my death on the 18th of December, 2018 and I’m here today, back from the dead to show why and how I faked my death.


He said he went to such extreme measures to evade enemies who had been threatening him, claiming that if he hadn’t faked his death he ‘would have been dead anyway’.

Nice continued:

I done a Makaveli, exactly like ‘Pac, faked my death and escaped and that situation has alleviated a bit where I’m now in a safe position, I’ve got enough dirt on people – the right people – so that I can operate and bring his evidence forward.

I’ve overcome the people that were after me, threatening to kill my family. I am now on the run, I’m in hiding.

Since my death – or fake death as you now know – there was a lot of speculation in the Tupac world, a lot of his enemies were exposed and I intend to continue exposing his enemies.

Tupac's former bodyguard reveals he faked his deathIcini Studios/YouTube

Nice described how, last year, his wife found him slumped over in his car and called an ambulance, which he had already arranged ‘via a friend’ to collect him. He then allegedly used a magic trick he learned as a boy to stop his pulse so paramedics believed he was dead.

The former bodyguard said he was taken to hospital before contacts in the funeral home business switched him out for an actual dead body, which was taken to the morgue.

Nice suggested the stunt ‘confirmed’ his experience of helping Tupac fake his death, as it proved he had the ‘capabilities’ necessary to do so.

Tupac's former bodyguard reveals he faked his deathIcini Studios/YouTube

The cunning man claimed he is ‘still on the run from the British and American authorities’, though he’s now in a safe place where he can ‘run [his] operations’.

The story is certainly an elaborate one but Nice said it ‘doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not’ because ‘retribution is coming’.

We’ll see.

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Icini Studios/YouTube
  1. Icini Studios/YouTube


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