Marnie Simpson Receives Devastating DM About Her Boyfriend Cheating


There’s no good way to find out your dating a cheat, but stumbling across the truth in your DMs probably doesn’t top the list.

Unfortunately for reality star Marnie Simpson that is exactly how she discovered boyfriend Lewis Bloor had done the dirty on her.

Making matters even worse the brutally honest message suggested Bloor not only cheated, but did so while he was on a getaway to Barcelona with the Geordie Shore star. Who said romance was dead?

Simpson was quick to post the evidence to her Instagram account:

@lewisbloor1 you're such a gentleman

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What a guy…

The morning after to act as if nothing happened. These were taken the day after he cheated in Barcelona

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The exchange didn’t stop there as Simpson probed for further details:


Pretty damning, but Bloor utilised his right of reply by speaking to The Sun.

He said:

My logic was: ‘I don’t want to forget about this relationship just yet.’ So I did something to feel a little more manly I suppose – how pathetic is that? But it’s true, just because I felt like I was being mugged off. I didn’t do it to spite Marnie, I did it because I felt very jealous and insecure and that it would allow us to continue with the holiday. Crucify me all you want.

Oh, so he cheated to save their holiday, makes perfect sense. D-list celebrity logic I guess.


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Marnie seems to be taking it in stride though.

Well she certainly couldn’t do any worse in future…