Met Gala Host’s Brooklyn Beckham Blunder Has Everyone Cringing

by : Hannah Smith on : 14 Sep 2021 10:20
Met Gala Host's Brooklyn Beckham Blunder Has Everyone Cringing@Variety/Twitter

It’s hard to keep track of who’s who with Gen Z celebrities, but when it comes to interviewing guests at the Met Gala, it’s kind of your job to know.

Unfortunately, Keke Palmer appeared to be completely oblivious to the identity of one guest in particular last night, as she struggled to figure out where Brooklyn Beckham was from.


Beckham – who as the eldest son of England’s most famous living footballer is fairly obviously British – was at the glitzy fashion event with his fiancee Nicola Peltz, when the couple were pulled aside from the red carpet for a quick chat with Palmer, who was on interviewing duties for Vogue.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz (PA Images)PA Images

‘The theme is America. What does that mean to you guys?’ Palmer asked the couple, to which Peltz responded ‘I’m trying to make him American right now.’

Clearly taken aback by Beckham’s un-Americanness, Palmer unintentionally gave away the fact she had no idea who she was talking to, asking him ‘Oh, where are you from?!’


Things got worse after Beckham explained he was from London, with Palmer taking his answer to mean he was just visiting, leaving the couple to awkwardly explain that they both live in Los Angeles.


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Peltz tried to rescue the situation by joking ‘I kidnapped him,’ but the damage was already done, with social media immediately springing into action to make jokes about the encounter.

‘keke palmer asking brooklyn beckham where he’s from is the most american part of the met gala so far,’ one person tweeted, while another wrote ‘keke asking where Brooklyn BECKHAM is from, do you not know his dad ma’am???’


In fairness, spending 4 hours speaking to celebrities of varying stature about their outfits must be a pretty mentally draining task, and in general, Palmer received praise for her performance during the evening.

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