Michael Jackson’s Doctor Is Demanding An Insane Amount To Appear On I’m A Celeb



It’s that time of the year again where that depressing ‘reality TV show’ I’m a Celeb hits our screens once again.

ITV seem totally fine in paying out millions to a crop of pseudo-celebrities who no-one gives two flying fucks about, but one rumoured contestant wants even more than everything else for a pretty bizarre reason.


Enter Conrad Murray. His name might not ring a bell, but his actions might. He’s Michael Jackson’s former physician, who was convicted of manslaughter over the King of Pop’s untimely death.

And now he’s been banned from practising medicine, he’s looking for a larger sum to be a contestant because of his ‘medical skills’, The Daily Star reports. Which all seems rather ironic considering he was partly responsible for Jackson’s anaesthetic overdose.


Murray, 63, is believed to have ‘demanded £230,000’ from I’m A Celeb bosses to appear on this year’s show.

A source told The Daily Star:

Murray is trying to pull out all the stops to get more money. He thinks that ITV can help solve his finance issues. And the doctor idea is one of the ways that he feels that they can bolster his money. Murray has also promised that he will reveal secrets about Jackson to help make the show ‘explosive’ and gain headlines worldwide. He thinks that ITV can help solve his finance issues.


Conrad has always protested his innocence, claiming: “I was an innocent man unjustly accused and then incarcerated.”

However, since these rumours about his possible I’m A Celeb appearance, ITV have dismissed the speculation, with a spokesman saying: “We have never approached this man to be a contestant on I’m A Celebrity.”


If they did pay him that much to go on the show I’ve simply lost all faith in humanity.