Michael Jackson’s Step-Daughter Describes What Neverland Ranch Was Really Like

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Michael Jackson’s former step-daughter Riley Keough has spoken out about her time with the King of Pop and what it was like at the renowned Neverland Ranch.


Riley is the eldest grand daughter of Elvis Presley (though she never knew him) and became close to MJ when her mother Lisa-Marie began her marriage to him.

The 27-year-old actress, who recently received a Golden Globe nomination for her film The Girlfriend Experience, was the daughter of musician Danny Keough, one of Lisa Marie-Presley’s high profile partners.

Speaking to the New York Times T Magazine, Riley expressed her affection for the Thriller singer, saying ‘I loved him’.


Riley was raised chiefly by her father in Hawaii and Los Angeles and made regular visits to Graceland and the famous Neverland Ranchin Los Olivos, California.

The actress described Neverland:

There were toys everywhere, animals everywhere, kids everywhere. It was like being at Disneyland all day.

Here’s Michael and Lisa-Marie walking some visitors around Neverland…


Lisa Marie Presley married Chicago-born musician Danny Keough (a bass guitar player in Elvis’s band) in 1988 and had two children, before obtaining a quick divorce in 1994.

20 days after her divorce from Keough, Lisa married Michael Jackson, whom she had been speaking with everyday since 1992.

Riley describer her mother as a ‘tough bitch’ when asked about her 108 day marriage to Nicolas Cage in 2002…the divorce proceedings lasted longer than the marriage.


Lisa-Marie starred scantily-clad in MJ’s You Are Not Alone music video…

Though she was brought up around musicians, Riley said she was always interested in acting.

After working her way up in low-level films, she has seven films due in 2017, including Lovesong that premiered at Sundance, Charlie McDowell’s afterlife saga The Discovery with Robert Redford and Rooney Mara, and a crime thriller with Andrew Garfield called Under the Silver Lake.

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