Mike Tyson Wolfs Down Four Grams Of Magic Mushrooms On Logan Paul’s Podcast

by : Hannah Smith on : 30 Dec 2020 13:56
Mike Tyson Wolfs Down Four Grams Of Magic Mushrooms On Logan Paul's PodcastYouTube / Impaulsive

When Mike Tyson dropped in for a chat on Logan Paul’s podcast, imPaulsive, earlier this week, things got out of hand pretty quickly after the boxer went straight for some magic mushrooms.

Fans of Tyson probably won’t be in the least bit surprised to hear about his latest hijinks, but it’s still quite the sight to see. Most people would think twice before casually scarfing down an entire handful of shrooms, but it’s fair to say the man they call Iron Mike is not like the rest of us. Less than five minutes into the podcast, Tyson swapped a joint he’d been smoking out for about four or five grams of Mushrooms handed to him by Paul’s cohost, Mike Majlak, and, well, he never looked back.


The heavyweight legend has long been an advocate for recreational marijuana, but he’s is no stranger to psychedelics either, and has recently been opening up about how the drugs have helped him during his boxing comeback.

He told Paul that he takes the substance before training, and confirmed that he had been high during his return to the ring in an exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr last month. Tyson added that he believes more psychedelics will become legal in the US the future, saying, ‘It’s going to be the best thing in the 21st century…[it] helps me be a better me.’

Tyson, 54, has previously spoken about his experiences with other, more potent hallucinogenics including DMT and Changa, and even claimed during a weigh-in last month that a trip while on a rare drug called ‘The Toad’ convinced him to start boxing again.

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He said:

I took the medicine and the medicine told me to get into shape. It really blew my mind. It told me to come back and start getting in shape.

Speaking on the podcast, the former undisputed heavyweight champion said taking drugs made him feel like he could see ‘the Sun open up’, and helped him to focus while training for his comeback.


Tyson also touched on a whole range of other subjects during the conversation, including his upbringing, where he repeated his claim that he had been arrested almost 40 times before he was even a teenager.

He also weighed in on Logan Paul’s upcoming exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather in February, telling the host, ‘Floyd’s gonna beat [your] f**kin’ a**. But it’s gonna be good! It’s gonna be good, [you’re] gonna fight back though!’

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