New Twist In Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Saga As ‘New Man’ Gets Involved


The collosal fuckfest that’s been going on with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has been in the limelight since the entire thing began back on July 5.

Now – things may be about to get even stranger.

Enter Ferrari, again.

No Stress Zone??‍♂️… Medusa Was a ??? Money Motivated?

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Sources speaking to TMZ, revealed that rapper, Ferrari, was so into Blac Chyna that he spent over $130,000 on three pieces of jewelry for her. That’s how love works right?

He reportedly spent $34,850 on a Rolex, $56,500 on a gold necklace, and $32,250 on diamond earrings – all the while somewhat confirming Rob’s fears that Blac Chyna was sleeping with other men during their relationship.

When you see Me SPEAK?.. Don't just Stare that shit Weird??.. This How y'all be Looking ?

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Interestingly the lavish items were due to be delivered on July 5 but after Ferrari heard what Rob had been saying about her, he cancelled the delivery and almost immediately returned the lot.

Earlier this week Ferrari was called out by Rob on Twitter after he was caught in Chyna’s bed wearing the KUWTK star’s Versace robe.

$130k on jewelry for somebody you hardly know and here’s me trying to work out if I can realistically afford to get a steak bake on my way into the office.