North West Invited To Bob Ross Museum After Kim Shared Her Painting

by : Hannah Smith on : 15 Feb 2021 16:05
North West Invited To Bob Ross Museum After Kim Shared Her PaintingKim Kardashian/Instagram

Artistic prodigy North West has won a whole lot of fans for her impressive painting skills, and now she’s been acknowledged by the king of landscapes himself.

Well, sort of. The great Bob Ross may have passed away almost two decades before North was born, but the team dedicated to keep his legacy alive clearly think Kim Kardashian’s daughter’s skills would make the great man proud.


North’s painting and the subsequent viral debate it created on social media caught the attention of Bob Ross inc, who have since invited the 7-year old to a special class at the Bob Ross Experience, in the famous studio in Muncie, Indiana, where much of Ross’s show The Joy of Painting was filmed.

Bob Ross Inc.

Sarah Strohl, an executive assistant at the organisation, which works to spread Ross’s love of art to younger generations, reportedly told TMZ that their team was ‘thrilled’ by North’s painting, which many have pointed out bears a striking resemblance to the landscapes favoured by Bob Ross himself, and wanted to help nurture the young artist’s budding talent.

The Bob Ross Experience opened only a few months ago in October 2020, and features not only a restored version of the television studio where the show was filmed, but also several paintings from the Bob Ross collection, as well as the opportunity to take classes by teachers certified in Bob Ross’s special wet-on-wet painting techniques.


That’s right, as it turns out, not just anyone can teach the great man’s landscape style, with art teachers at the various Bob Ross classes across the United States all required to go through special training in his various styles and techniques.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

It’s a touching gesture to be made in the name of the man who tried to convince Americans that anyone could paint, especially given all the drama of the past week. After North’s painting was posted by Kim on Instagram, her followers were quick to accuse the star of lying, with the daughter of North’s art teacher eventually coming forward on TikTok to confirm that the painting was genuine.

As of Monday, February 15, North’s mum Kim hasn’t publicly responded to the invite, but we’re pretty sure that a trip to Bob Ross’s legendary studio and a chance to learn his famous painting technique is something that even the Kardashians would be able to make time for in their busy schedules.


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