Paul Rudd Stood In The Rain And Handed Out Cookies To People Waiting In Line To Vote

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Oct 2020 07:59
Paul Rudd Stood In The Rain And Handed Out Cookies To People Waiting In Line To Vote@Bowl_of_Worcel/@jarymane/Twitter

Paul Rudd proved he’s not just a hero in the movies when he stood in the rain and handed out cookies to US residents waiting to vote. 

Age-defying actor; wannabe millennial; bringer of baked goods – Rudd is just the gift that just keeps on giving.


Americans across the country have been venturing out of the safety of their own homes so they can vote in person for the new president ahead of the election on November 3, and to make the wait in a line a bit more bearable, Rudd decided to hand out cookies to those in the queue.

See the actor in action below:

Voters at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York were in for an otherwise miserable wait in the pouring rain when they attended the voting station this week, but I’m sure Rudd’s arrival went a long way towards brightening their day.


Rudd didn’t appear to be pushing any political agenda, instead simply thanking his fellow Americans for coming out and casting their vote.

Addressing a voter in one video, shared on Twitter, the actor says:

I wanted to say thank you for coming out and voting and doing your part.


Rudd is one of a number of celebrities giving people that final push of encouragement to vote as time runs out on the runup to the election.

Voter turnout in the 2016 election was reportedly at its lowest in nearly two decades; in comparison, record numbers of people have already cast their vote in race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden this year.

Brian Rosenworcel, drummer for the band Guster, was among those waiting in line in Brooklyn when he spotted Rudd approaching the voters.

FaceApp Shows You What Paul Rudd Would Look Like AgedPA Images

Speaking to CNN, he said he initially thought the actor was there to vote, adding, ‘but then he starts handing out cookies to people in line’.

Rosenworcel said Rudd’s celebration of voters didn’t end with the cookies, as he also waited to greet people as they exited the voting station to say thank you once again.

The Ant-Man star has been widely praised on Twitter for venturing out into the rain to thank voters, with many Twitter users saying his kind actions have only served to make them fall more in love with him.

One person wrote:


Paul Rudd is handing out cookies to early voters voting in the rain @ Barclay’s Center. I like him x100 more. Go #VOTE! #VoteEarly

Another tweeted:

Paul Rudd, love of my life, is standing outside Barclays Center right now thanking early voters for showing up in the rain and handing out cookies.  #VOTE

If you needed another reason to vote, know this: doing your part would make Rudd proud.

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