Pauly D Grew Quarantine Beard And Looks Like Guy Pretending To Be Pauly D

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Pauly D Grew Quarantine Beard And Looks Like Guy Pretending To Be Pauly DWE tv/djpaulyd/Twitter

Jersey Shore star and DJ Pauly D has received mixed responses after he shared a picture of his ‘quarantine beard’ with the world, though many people refuse to believe it’s actually him. 

Quarantine has been a funny time for hair, with the lack of barbers and human contact causing men to experiment with new – and let’s say ‘unique’ – looks.


Many have opted to get rid of their hair completely, so they don’t have to deal with it growing wild and unruly, while others have started to push the boundaries and see what their follicles are really capable of.

For everyone out there who has had to avoid growing a beard because of the unsightly patchy phase their facial hair goes through, it’s a dream come true. They begin lockdown a youthful looking, bald-chinned hopeful and emerge with locks greater than Hagrid himself. At least, they might, only time will tell.

Jersey Shore’s Pauly is evidently one of the men who has decided to experiment with his facial hair and grow a beard during quarantine – though only a well-groomed, tame one for now. One step at a time, I suppose.


Pauly’s new fluff first made an appearance in a couple of videos on his social media pages earlier this week, but he really drew attention to it yesterday, April 24, when he shared a selfie on Twitter with the caption: ‘Quarantine Beard’.

The photo quickly got a lot of attention, with many people arguing it looks like someone pretending to be Pauly D – but not actually looking similar enough to get away with it.


One Twitter user wrote:

I was about to say “hahaha this person looks like Pauly D” but it really is just Pauly D looking like someone pretending to be Pauly D

Another added:

lmaoo why does pauly d look like sum one who’s tryna look like pauly d [sic]


One fan said Pauly’s beard made him look as though he’d been face-swapped with someone else, while others simply refused to believe the photo was actually of him.


Among the disbelievers were a range of other comments, with many accusing the DJ of overusing the ‘facetune’ setting, and a couple likening his new look – complete with a tank top – to that of the stereotypical wrestler.

Responding to the photo, one Twitter user wrote:

What in the “Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 career mode” is going on here?

Another commented:

Pauly D looking like the generic create-a-wrestler on WWE video games.

I’m sure Pauly will be glad to know that there were a few people who were more complimentary of the beard, with one begging him to ‘never go back to a clean shave again’, though overall the consensus seems to be that he either looks like a wrestler, or someone else entirely.


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I suppose the reviews could be worse, and at least Pauly still has some time in quarantine to work out whether to grow the beard out even more, shave it off altogether, or keep it as a well-groomed addition to his face.

Before all of that, though, I think he first needs to convince fans that he actually is who he says he is.

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