People Are Comparing Cardi B’s Chocolate Strawberries To Literal Sh*t

by : Cameron Frew on : 15 Feb 2021 15:38
People Are Comparing Cardi B's Chocolate Strawberries To Literal Sh*tiamcardib/Instagram/Twitter

Cardi B made some chocolate-covered strawberries which look like little wet turds. 

First, the WAP artist said men should be given grass if they got their girlfriends flowers for Valentine’s Day. Next, she got a gold and diamond Chanel ‘birdcage’ handbag, courtesy of Offset.


The rapper’s latest post has people chatting about her again – only this time, it’s not because of relationship rules or gifts… it’s because her strawberries are being compared to sh*t.

Cardi B put a picture of her plate on Twitter, writing: ‘How sweet. Homemade Chocolate cover strawberries.’ Harmless enough, yes? Not really. It’s nothing to do with how they’d taste – let’s face it, it’s still chocolate and strawberries – but people can’t stop pointing out the poop in the room.

One user wrote: ‘Whose bootyhole were those inside?’ Another wrote: ‘Looks like what happened in my toilet bruh. It’s the thought that counts tho.’ A third commented: ‘What did they look like before you ate them.’


A fourth user candidly wrote: ‘You give me that for Valentine’s Day and I swear I’ll leave you, it seems like you just took it out of your anus.’

A few people tried to defend her, with one tweeting: ‘U already know we gotta roast those dung balls boo. I’m sure they tasted better than they look tho and that’s what matters.’


Nicole Byer, host of Netflix’s Nailed It!, a baking show in which amateurs try to recreate complex confectionary with often-disastrous results, even wrote: ‘Hi @iamcardib I host a show called @NailedIt and I truly think you’d be wonderful on it.’

Fancy posting your own chocolate strawberries? I wouldn’t rectumend it.

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