People Think This Photo Proves Kylie Jenner Just Got A Boob Job


Hawk-eyed Kardashian Kommentators have taken to Instagram with proof that Kylie Jenner has allegedly had a boob job.

The 19-year-old professional nobody recently posted a photo to her 81 million followers on the picture-sharing social media channel.

In the photograph, Kylie can be seen wearing a figure-fitting leopard print turtle neck top, standing on the front porch of her Hidden Hills Hollywood mansion.

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True to form, people were quick to comment on Kylie’s figure and many called her out for this alleged boob job.

One keyboard warrior wrote:

You have ruined your body – go back and see how pretty you looked three years back. Honestly thought this was a joke at first. They look like watermelons!

Continuing with the theme of misunderstanding female anatomy, another user wrote, ‘Ur boobs are gonna burst’, adding, ‘I hope this is not a surgery’.


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Instagram user, heartless92, seems to have found the figures for the perfect proportions.

This unconfirmed information apparently entitles them to pass judgement from on high that Kylie’s boobs ‘look way too big’.

They concluded that ‘she must’ve got a boob job’.


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Another pillar of society said:

You can’t post photos like that and then say ‘Oh my boobs are totally real’.

Well, dear Instagram user, actually Kylie can.

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Despite all the hate, many of Kylie’s fans dubbed the photograph as ‘boob goals’.

While I’m not sure what ‘boob goals’ actually mean – presumably they’ve mistaken her nipples for targets – at least their comments reassert Kylie’s right to do with her body what she wishes.


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Unfortunately for Kylie, her online lifestyle, which she expertly curates with the flick of a filter switch and the tirade of selfies, does open her up to abusive comments and public scrutiny.

While these comments are largely of the ‘Om telolet om’ nature, some of them are incredibly judgemental and target Kylie’s appearance, body and style choices rather than constructively critiquing the self-titled baby boss.

unreleased project with @sashasamsonova

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Kylie has been forced to deny rumours of surgery many times over, writing on her website:

No, people – I haven’t gotten breast implants! Everyone is obsessed with that.

Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed.

I’ve definitely filled out.

Dirty Peach on the lips! Still available link in bio.

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It’s undeniable that Kylie’s body has visibly changed in the past few years.

But when you consider the fact she’s been in the public eye since pre-puberty, that’s hardly surprising to anyone who has the first clue about growing up into womanhood.

I can't believe this was almost a year ago ?

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Naysayers have claimed Kylie has undergone a range of surgeries, from a nose job to breast augmentation, butt implants and even jaw reconstruction.


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People seem loathe to accept the existence of push up bras that women all over the world take advantage of.

Equally, cynics seem to ignore the fluctuation in weight that many women experience.

rainbow braids ?

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While the surgery rumours are the mere fodder of a tireless celebrity grapevine, founded in nothing but assumption, the undercurrent is quite disturbing.

Even if Kylie were to have undergone surgery, who are we to judge?

When her career is centred around her brand and her aesthetic, surely enhancing her appearance in whatever way she saw fit would be simply good business sense of Kylie’s behalf.

While some criticise the cosmetic company CEO for promoting vanity and a lack of body confidence in young women, actually, shouldn’t we all be more aware of her curated existence and eschew any desire to emulate a life that is clearly so far-removed from reality?


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By all means, critique Kylie for her part to play in a painfully nepotistic, elitist celebrity America.

But to criticise her looks; well, that would just be basic.