Pete Davidson And Machine Gun Kelly Strip Down To Underwear In Bizarre Calvin Klein Instagram Live

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Pete Davidson And Machine Gun Kelly Strip Down To Underwear In Bizarre Calvin Klein Instagram LiveCalvin Klein/Instagram

People have been left baffled over Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson’s semi-naked takeover of Calvin Klein’s Instagram page. 

With no explanation, or reason, Pete Davidson replaced the Calvin Klein account’s profile image with a photo of himself in one of the company’s caps, and updated the page to let followers know that it was ‘Pete here’.


And who should join him, but Machine Gun Kelly, to sit down on the sofa for a chat about ‘horniness’, before the pair randomly decided to strip down into their pants together.

Calvin Klein may be known for its underwear, but this takeover was truly bizarre.

Check it out:



Davidson first posted a selfie of him throwing a peace sign, along with the comment, ‘I got Instagram‘.

Discussing everything from ‘chips, popcorn, and video games’, to telling followers that they ‘hope everyone’s horny out there’, the duo discussed the ‘horniness’ they both seemingly represent.

Davidson even noted how he had been ‘prepar[ed] to kiss’ for the Instagram Live, joking that they should have ‘tripled the budget’.

Suggesting ‘one final pose for Calvin’ the pair then climbed on top of the couch with their trousers pulled down, Machine Gun Kelly grabbing a ‘prop’ in the form of popcorn and pouring it down over their half naked bodies.


The pair then uploaded a final post with their heads both poking into the frame, asking followers, ‘Did we nail it or did we nail it?’

Machine Gun Kelly even joked, ‘Should we remake Zoolander?’

While no one complained, many were left utterly baffled.


The post has since amassed thousands of views and comments, with users loving the rogue take-over. One said: ‘This will break Instagram.’

Another wrote:

PLEASE give us more content we literally are begging of you for a real shoot even though this was pure gold.


A third commented: ‘I don’t get this.’

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