Petition To Rename Ronald Reagan Airport After Jojo Siwa Surpasses 70,000 Signatures

by : Daniel Richardson on : 31 May 2021 13:31
Petition To Rename Ronald Reagan Airport After Jojo Siwa Surpasses 70,000 SignaturesPA Images / Flickr/pingnews.com

A petition to rename Ronald Reagan Airport After Jojo Siwa has gained more than 70,000 signatures and is growing in popularity. 

Washington National Airport was named after Ronald Reagan in 1998, but some people want the name of the airport to be changed again. Naturally, Jojo Siwa has been selected as the person to lend their namesake to the airport.


While the popular petition doesn’t offer too much explanation for its motive to change the airport’s name, it does question, ‘Why on earth is there an airport named after this war criminal’. For some, this is more than enough reason to get the name changed.

Ronald Reagan (PA Images)PA Images

Former actor Ronald Reagan became the US president in 1981. Like the celebrity president who would follow him decades later, Reagan had a controversial stay in the White House. Most notably, he supported Apartheid in South Africa and was convicted of violating Nicaragua’s sovereignty.

Safe to say, not everyone wants to be associated with the legacy of the president. With that in mind, people are petitioning to get Ronald Reagan Airport renamed, and it seems they’ve chosen entertainer Jojo Siwa as his successor. There are currently 72,222 signatures at time of writing, but it is unclear what the outcome will be.


Siwa has responded to the petition and given her support, telling TMZ the change would be the ‘sickest thing ever’. The entertainer went on to note she does not know about the actions of Ronald Reagan and was not informed of the political and historical statement that was being made.

YouTube Star JoJo Siwa Says She's 'Never Been This Happy' Since Coming Out (PA)PA Images

JoJo Siwa Responds After Rumours She’d Be Made To Kiss Man In Upcoming Movie

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While the airport has not responded to the growing petition, many would find Jojo Siwa a much less problematic person to name an airport after. Siwa has been an entertainer since appearing in Dance Moms and managed to build a dedicated fan base. Part of her appeal has been her positive discussions about the LGBTQ+ community.

Speaking about her sexuality and her decision to discuss her relationship with Kylie Prew, Siwa told Jimmy Fallon:


If I lost everything that I’ve created because of being myself and because of loving who I want to love I don’t want it, that’s not what. If I can’t love who I want to love, that’s one of the most important things to me.

Time will tell whether the petition is taken seriously by the airport, but it is clear that plenty of people prefer Jojo Siwa to former president Ronald Reagan.

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