Pigs In Blankets In Yorkshire Puddings Are Now A Thing


Pigs in Blankets – how do you improve upon the holiest of combinations? By putting them inside Yorkshire puddings, obviously.

Yes, you can now buy your favourite Christmas specialty, inside one of the country’s most beloved delicacies – hailing from the country’s great county – for a decent price too.

Nip to your local Sainsbury’s and you’ll only have to fork out £4 to buy some of these bad boys.


As per their website:

British pork sausages wrapped in smoked British bacon, baked in a free range egg batter, served with an ale and shallot gravy.

With oak-smoked streaky bacon and a rich gravy laced with British ale and shallots.

We’ve wrapped meaty cocktail sausages in oak-smoked streaky bacon then baked them in crisp Yorkshire pudding batter to create a uniquely British canapé.

Simply pop them in the oven to heat through, then serve them up with our rich ale and shallot gravy.


What a game changer.

A few months ago, it was revealed you can now get a Yorkshire pudding pizza.

Just weeks later, Aldi dropped their own Yorkshire pudding burrito.


It consists of slow-cooked beef brisket in a porcini mushroom sauce, wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding, accompanied by a red wine and onion gravy, which can feed up to five people for the princely sum of £7.99.

You can pick one up during the winter months from one of the 700 Aldi stores nationwide.

Happy Christmas guys. Enjoy your food!